My New Passion: Fountain Pens


I recently got into fountain pens for various reasons. Anyway, I don't have time to post any reviews on specific stuff I'm using yet, but I did feel like announcing that you will be seeing stuff about pens, paper, ink, and handwriting here in addition to all the other nerderies.

FYI, the stuff I currently have and will probably eventually be issuing reviews for are:

  • Jinhao x750 fountain pen
  • Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pens
  • Schmidt K5 converter (replacement for the stock one -- probably won't review this as it's not that big a deal)
  • Goulet Pens F nib
  • Diamine Majestic Blue Ink

Coming soon (for some definition of "soon"), you'll also see reviews for some of these products:

  • Rhodia dot grid Web Notebook (coming in a couple of days)
  • Pilot/Namiki Blue ink
  • Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen

Eventually, you may see reviews for these as well, though it probably will be a while:

  • Platinum #3776 Century or Pilot Custom 74 or Pilot Custom 91 (still not sure which of these I'll get)
  • Pilot/Namiki Black ink
  • Pilot Metropolitan roller ball pen (as there are some scenarios where a fountain pen isn't appropriate)
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